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CCD100-Wheel Aligner

Wheel Alignment with 8 sensors CCD and 8 sensors Inclination angle.

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Product Features:


Wheel Alignment with 8 sensors CCD and 8 sensors Inclination angle.

1.Zigbee communication is the new standard in wireless transmission with increased range, less interference and proven reliability.

2.Alignment Sensors are designed for total on-vehicle operation with on-sensor function control with liquid crystal, multi-function display features front toe, rear toe and camber LED indicators.

3,Spoiler Program allow the technician to obtain accurate readings with most ground effects without use of drop down adapters - and automatically utilizes only the long toe beams while making the toe adjustment on each wheel:  guaranteeing a straight steering wheel on all alignments FIRST TIME, every time

4. Digital Video Camera for easy, one-person positioning of vehicle on alignment rack

5. 3-D virtual animation of caster, camber and toe adjustment screens

6. AUDI/VW toe curve program.

7. Adjust camber with JACK&HOLD.

8. Live caster, toe and camber.

9.Run-out compensation.

10. Adding-weight measurement: The alignment of many vehicles are dependent on adding-weight measurement.

11.Toe and camber indicator: Through the indicator comes the dynamic instruction toe and camber the adjustment situation, does not  need to watch the monitor screen.

12. Provides 20,000 kinds of vehicle types specifications data, the user may freely increase the data, and provides technical updates for 1years.

13. All measurement heads provides the electronic horizon function.

14.Through remote control pressed key on the measurement heads, may complete all wheel alignment operation.

15.Rugged locking cabinet contains PC with Windows XP, printer, monitor, full size keyboard, mouse and sensor docking stations for storing and recharging sensors.


Recommended Package:


1.  Set of 4 Measurement Heads .2.  Cabinet with drawer & locking door . 3.  Computer with 1.8 Ghz Intel processor, 512 MB RAM with Intel motherboard, 16X DVD/CD drive, 80GB SATA hard drive, Windows XP and full-size keyboard and mouse.4.  17" LCD Monitor .5.  Color Inkjet Printer. 6.  Digital Video Camera for easy one-person vehicle positioning on alignment rack.(Optional)7.  Steering Wheel Holder with spring. 8. Brake Pedal Depresser. 9. software CD 10.  Set of 2 Mechanical Turntables.11.  Set of 4 4-Point Wheel Clamps for wheel diameter 10-22 ".12. ZIGBEE  Box. 13. Operator Manual.

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