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Auto Collision Repair SystemsE85V2 kit Cab to adjust the design

E85 kit

ACC ethanol conversion kit composes with conversion box, cables, connectors.Enable to switch gasoline,E20 and E85, ensure the stability and reliability during the engine working, meet the original car's power and emissions standards.

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Number of cylinders: 3cyl or 4cyl
Characteristic: Cab to adjust the design
Applicable fuel: Petrol E20 E85
Support Cold start: can use E70 or E75


1.Powerful: in the combustion process, ethanol and gasoline  with the effect of  Self oxygen supply, make  the combustion much fully and uniform, the thermal efficiency improving, the power enhancement.

2.Economic: After installed this kit, it will save about 40% fuel cost ( depending on local gasoline price) when using the ethanol compare to gasoline.

3.Clean: E85 can remove the impurities in the fuel tank and fuel supply system effectively, clear the carbon in the spark plug, valve, piston and exhaust parts.

4.Environmental friendly: The exhaust emission fits the international standards,? and compared with gasoline and diesel, the CO, HC and HO in exhaust can be reduced by 30-50%, which helps to purify the air, reduce the pollution.

5.Good market: Products install fast, operate simply, good reliability, cheap cost, popularize easily.

6.Standard vehicle circuit design, highly waterproof and dustproof, highly temperature durable.

ACC ethanol conversion kit composes with conversion box,  cables,  connectors, control panel.Enable to switch gasoline,E20 and E85, ensure the stability and reliability during the engine working, meet the original car's power and emissions standards .


Applicable fuel:Petrol  E20  E85

Voltage:DC 12V

working Temperature -40~120

Applicable to models





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