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CB958B- wheel balancer

CB958B COMPUTERIZED WHEEL BALANCER Max. wheel weight 70 kg Motor power 0.25KW Rim width 1.5" - 20"

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Detailed Product Description

Max. wheel weight 70 kg
Motor power 0.25KW
Rim width 1.5" - 20"






Intellectual Property Rights of Dynamitic Static and ALU for motorcycle balancing programs . 
Balancing modes includes Dynamitic, Static, Multi Alu modes and Alu for Motorcycle . 

Allows operator to be able to set up and install an operation procedure as he frequently uses. 
It increases efficiency . 

Wheel hood simply works as the START and STOP buttons while balancing the wheel by pulling the hood down/up .

Minimum unbalancing selection . 

Auto-data input by simply spinning the wheel manually . 

Simple way for self-calibration, designed with operator in mind, quickly regaining its balancing accuracy after not being in use for a while.  

Unbalance optimization and Hidden weight functions are available.  

Unique ALU mode design for motorcycle is compatible with various motorcycle clamps. 
Patented weight placing marking function allows operator to detect unbalanced spot from inside and outside of the rim accurately. 
Customized input system allows operator to be able to save up to 4 frequently used databases which incredibly increases efficiency. 

Touch-Sensitive Digital Controls - State-of-the-art, touch-sensitive digital controls take the guesswork out of wheel parameter settings, weight placement and balancing operations.  

A bright, easy to read L.E.D. display provides a simple user interface that promotes proper balancing techniques and faster floor- to- floor times. 

Our highly accurate sensor and computing system features our exclusive Digital Signal Processor technology. 

Designed to Perform. Built to Last - Rugged welded steel body construction, heavy-duty machined alloy shaft and center cones, durable top tray and dependable electronics and integrated microprocessor makes this one of the toughest, 

most durable and trouble-free balancers you will ever own.  

Compare the structure and internal components of a DST Balancer to any other competitive balancer and you'll see the differences.  

Higher Accuracy and Proven Speed - Our proven “Direct-Axis” drive system that is accurate to within hundredths of an ounce ensures wheels are balanced vibration-free.  

From wheel mounting and data entry, to spin cycle and weight placement, this Balancer offers one of the fastest floor-to-floor cycle times in the industry.




Max. wheel weight                        70 kg      
Motor power                               0.25kw 
Balancing accuracy                       ±1g 
Balancing speed                         200 rpm 
Rim diameter                     10" - 26" / 26" - 30" 
Rim width                             1.5" - 20" 
Max. Wheel Diameter                    44"

Weight                   NW.139 Kgs.  GW.180 Kgs.

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