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Ful Injector Tester & CleanerFul Injector Tester & Cleaner

Ful Injector Tester & Cleaner

Product ID: FI003

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Specail benefits
● With seperated ultrasonic bath        
● With deluxe oil stage(cover TBI injetor)        
● Adjust oil pressure electronically        
● Tracking oil pressure automatically        
• Test range : MPI, CIS,MONO,TBI injector ( top feed and side feed)        
• 6 Cylinders injectors Tester and Cleaner        
• Injector fuel distribution and delivery checking; leakage hunting;injector cleaning; engine carbon deposit cleaning.   • Automatic operation: Engine idle, Middle speed; High speed working condition simulation.      • Drain the test liquid from the tube automatically.        
• Separated ultrasonic bath with timer        
• Test liquid pressure tracking and stablization automatically.        
• Adjust oil pressure electronically/Special oil rail.        
• With movable dolly.        

● Numbr of testing injectors : 6        
● Oil pressure : 0-637 kpa (6.5 kg)        
● Rotation Speed : 0~9950 r/min   step 50 r/min
● Pluse Duration : 1~20 ms  step 0.1 ms/  Injection Number of Time/ Injection time : 0~10000 step 50/0~600sec  step 1 sec        

Dimension  590*620*580 mm  (w*d*h)   
Weight :                        34 kg 

Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 January 2018 12:11

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